TaskSurfer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any difference between the version on the Mac App Store and the version sold on the Frosty Dogs website?
There is no difference in features between the two versions. The website version does have a built-in crash reporter, and a different way of updating. The two versions are otherwise functionally the same.

Q: Does TaskSurfer support subtasks?
Yes, starting with version 1.1, TaskSurfer supports subtasks, including subtasks created in Toodledo.

Q: Does TaskSurfer have repeating tasks or reminders?
No, TaskSurfer does not have pop-up reminders when tasks are due. That feature will be included in a future update. TaskSurfer does not have a way to enter repeating tasks, but it does support repeating tasks created in Toodledo.

Q: I marked a task as completed, and it disappeared. How do I view my completed tasks?
By default, TaskSurfer does not show completed tasks. That can be changed in Preferences/Show Completed Tasks. Alternatively, a smart folder can be created to show tasks that have been completed.

Q: Does TaskSurfer allow me to print my tasks?
No, TaskSurfer does not have printing functionality due to lack of interest from beta testers and current users. If printing is an important feature for you, send a message via the contact page.

Q: Synchronizing with Toodledo gives me an error message. What now?
A: Toodledo has a limit on how much can be synchronized in an hour. Most users should not hit this limit, but if you see a message saying that you might be hitting the limit, wait an hour and try again. If that does not fix the problem, send an email to Frosty Dogs support.

Q: I added a new folder in TaskSurfer, and now TaskSurfer crashes when synchronizing to Toodledo.
Delete the new folder that you created. Synchronize, then create the folder again. That seems to fix the problem for everyone that has seen it. If it does not, send an email to Frosty Dogs support.

Q: I have a question or problem that is not answered here. Should I just leave a review on the Mac App Store? Post my problem to the forums?
Though the Frosty Dogs forums are monitored (lightly), they are not an official support channel. It is impossible to contact anyone that leaves a review on the Mac App Store, so your problem will never get fixed that way. The best way to get your questions answered, or problem solved, is to send mail to (you guessed it) Frosty Dogs support.

Q: How fast can I expect a response after sending a message to Frosty Dogs?
Every effort is made to respond within 24 hours, and usually within an hour or two during the business day in Redmond, WA, US.