PhotoFinish Stopwatch

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The pocket finish line camera and stopwatch

Carry the power of a photo finish camera in your pocket!
When you stop the timer, PhotoFinish snaps a picture. Point your iPhone at the finish line, press the Stop button, and the picture gets stamped with the finish time and event information. You can even optionally record a photo with every press of the lap button. Turn the photo finish feature off when you just want to time something without a photographic record.

No need to spend hundreds of times more on a printing stopwatch, PhotoFinish records an infinite number of laps.  When the race is over, export to a file that can be opened in Numbers or Microsoft Excel, all through your computer's web browser.

Never again worry about pressing the wrong button.  PhotoFinish does not try to imitate old handheld stopwatches by using the same button for different tasks.  Each button serves one function only.  When it's time to reset the stopwatch, it's a two touch process, making it unlikely that you will reset the stopwatch by accident.

In any race, you'll want to know the time gap between the leader and the rest.  PhotoFinish's exclusive scratch timer feature has that covered.  The scratch timer can be used for timing anything you want, without affecting the stopwatch and lap timers.  When the leader goes by, hit the Scratch button.  When the pack goes by, hit the Scratch button again and get the gap time. No other stopwatch we've seen, for the iPhone or otherwise, has this.  We needed it for criteriums and track, so we added it.

PhotoFinish keeps a complete history of everything that you time. Name the events for easy reference, take notes during the event or add them later.

PhotoFinish keeps running even when it's not.  If a phone call comes in, or if you hit the Home button to run another app, PhotoFinish remembers where it left off, and keeps accurate time when you start it up again.

The countdown timer in PhotoFinish improves on the built-in iPhone timer by allowing you to set the countdown time to the second.  It can be paused, and keeps running when using the stopwatch timers.

We believe a stopwatch shouldn't be so complicated that it requires a manual to use.  But in case you do have questions, there's an included quick start guide, online help, and online videos to help you get the most out of PhotoFinish. (Wireless, Edge, or 3G connection required for online help and videos.)