TaskSurfer Hits the Mac App Store


Redmond, WA - January 19, 2011 – “It's exciting to have TaskSurfer in the Mac App Store,” said Mike Stewart, founder of Frosty Dogs. “Easy-to-use task management with cloud synchronization has been a big hit current users, and I look forward to bringing TaskSurfer to a new audience in the Mac App Store.”

TaskSurfer is a powerful and flexible task manager that fits GTD or tag-based systems, but does not force the casual user into a complicated workflow.

Because a project-based GTD style doesn’t suit everyone, TaskSurfer features a tag browser that lets the user focus on tasks that have been tagged with the user’s custom tags. Tags can be used for categories, time, locations, people, and anything that can be typed. The Tag Browser keeps it all sorted out.

Using Snow Leopard’s Core Location technology, tasks can be assigned to a location-based context, and tasks will be filtered as the Macbook moves from one location to the next. At home, office, or the coffee shop, TaskSurfer will show only the tasks appropriate for the current location.

TaskSurfer also provides the option to synchronize tasks with online task manager Toodledo. Tasks can be kept in-sync across Macs at home and office, and any device that supports syncing with Toodledo. “There was nothing out there for Macs that would do cloud syncing,” says Stewart. “Being restricted to syncing on the same network, and having only one choice for a mobile app, just wasn’t appealing. So TaskSurfer was born.”

* Synchronizes with Toodledo
* Location-based contexts to assign tasks to locations
* Smart folders for customized task views
* Tag Browser to find tasks easily
* Customizable user interface – task views, colors, and sorting
* Written and tested to support VoiceOver for accessibility
* Takes advantage of Snow Leopard features like Core Location and 64-bit processing

Pricing and Availability:
The retail price of TaskSurfer is $29 (US); a 14-day trial is available on the company's website. TaskSurfer requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, and runs on any Intel Mac.