Mac App Store Plans for TaskSurfer

TaskSurfer is now in the Mac App Store, so it’s time to clarify a few items.

  • The version in the App Store is not the same version that can currently be downloaded from the Frosty Dogs website.
Why is that, and what version is on the App Store? The reason the versions differ is because it was ten weeks between the time TaskSurfer was submitted for App Store approval to the time it was actually approved for sale. The reasons why are long, and frankly not all that interesting (and I’m not all that sure of the entire answer). The original plan was to get App Store approval, get TaskSurfer there on opening day, and update the App Store version at the same time as the version sold on Frosty Dogs (with the requisite delay for approval).

As the approval time wore on, sending an updated version would have likely reset the approval clock. As App Store opening day came and went with no TaskSurfer, it seemed best to just stick with an old version for the App Store and update it later. That is where TaskSurfer is at today.

Later (within a week from today), an updated version that matches the Frosty Dogs website version will be submitted to the App Store, and the two versions will soon match. The price of the App Store version will also go up to match the price of the website version. So if you want to save $6US, buy the App Store version now, but you’ll have to wait if you want subtasks and current bug fixes.

  • TaskSurfer will continue to be sold on the App Store and on the Frosty Dogs website
Some popular applications are going App Store-only. That’s understandable given the logistics of maintaining two builds of an application. There are many things such as updates and crash reporting that can’t be in the App Store version, and juggling two versions is extra overhead. But there’s not way to switch current users to the App Store version without charging full price. Given that, I can’t figure out a way to do it that’s fair to the users that have supported Frosty Dogs with their hard-earned money. And some users, for whatever reason, simply don’t want to purchase their software from the App Store.

For now nothing changes for folks that purchased TaskSurfer pre-App Store. You will continue to get updates as always, and more quickly than App Store purchasers, since Frosty Dogs is the only entity that needs to approve an update. Updates will continue to be at no charge. When TaskSurfer 2.0 is released (and that’s going to be a while), there may be one version. TaskSurfer 2.0 will be a paid upgrade, and if a change were made to how TaskSurfer is sold, that would be the best time to do it. Or maybe things stay the way they are. The Mac App Store is a new thing for Mac desktop software, so I’ll see how it goes and decide later what is best for customers and Frosty Dogs (the “dogs” in “Frosty Dogs” do like to be fed regularly).

  • Pricing for the App Store version and the website version will be the same (shortly)
Right now the App Store version is $30US, and the website version is $35US. The website version has subtasks and bug fixes that the App Store version does not. Once the versions match feature-for-feature, the App Store version will go up to $35 to match the current website version. So if you want $6 off, buy it at the App Store, but know that you won’t get all of the features right away.

  • Can you “upgrade” your current version to the App Store version?
No. As outlined above, there just isn’t a fair and technically feasible way to do it. Unless you consider buying TaskSurfer again from the App Store to be fair. In which case, please feel free to do so.

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Mike Stewart